Posted by: vinnyg | October 17, 2006

Lenze ATEX Gearboxes

Lenze ATEX Gearboxes

Lenze ATEX Gearboxes

Lenze offers drive solutions for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. Users have access to an extensive range of Lenze USA ATEX Gearmotors for categories 2GD and 3GD (gas and dust). These cost saving GFL Series Parallel Shaft type Helical Gearboxes are primarily used as shaft-mounted gearboxes. As well as offering the possibility of power or torque sharing, the output shaft is accessible for other applications (e.g. for installing encoders). These Lenze Gearboxes can be used in category 2 up to temperature class T4.

The 2-stage, low-maintenance right-angle Lenze Gear Box for use in low to medium torque applications is characterised by its high efficiency, lightweight design and wear-free gear teeth. Whether it is a question of an explosive gas atmosphere or a combustible dust deposit, these GKR Bevel Gear Motors are absolutely ideal for category 2 applications.

High permissible radial forces and torques along with closely stepped speed reduction ratios are the key features of these economical 1, 2 or 3-stage GST Helical Gear Boxes and Geared Motors, which are of a robust design. Because the motors are fully integrated, they can be used when space is at a premium, even in category 2 applications. The 2 and 3-stage GFL Servo Series Lenze Parallel-Axis Gearboxes are primarily used as shaft-mounted gearboxes. Low gear teeth backlash combines with friction-locked shaft-hub connections at both drive and non-drive ends to maximise accuracy.

A high degree of efficiency and wear-free gear teeth are what set the 2-stage right-angle gearboxes apart. Thanks to their high power density, when used in conjunction with the lightweight gearbox, Lenze AG ATEX Servomotors provide a compact and easy-to-use drive solution for mechanical engineers. High overload capability, torsionally resistant and low backlash down to 3 angular minutes, be assured of precision positioning with Lenze’s highly dynamic single-stage and two-stage servo planetary geared motors. The system solution comprising a geared motor and controller is easy to select. Commissioning is effortless thanks to an electronic nameplate on the servo motors.



  1. Good day,

    Please do qoute the item listed below &
    indicate item availability & delivery;

    Brand: LENZE EXTERTA / Germany
    Type : 52.155.04

    Thanks & Regards!

    Douglas J. Turtoza
    Dublin Trading
    Tuburan, Jubay
    Lilo-an Cebu
    Philippines, 6002

  2. It is useful to note that ATEX category gearboxes are available for use in the explosion risk rated zones categorised under tha EU ATEX Directive.

    I am told that there have been several refuse vehicle fires within the last 10 years on heavily gassing landfills where refuse vehicles have caught fire while tipping waste on the landfill without good reason being known for the cause of fire.

    One has to suspect that using standard road vehicles for tipping may not be the best idea on very still weather days on large heavily gassing landfills?

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